Acc1002 jan 2015 mock test answers

Pretty please let this be the last of ugly scenes I see in Business. Okays I know sometimes the question I ask may not be good, but do you have to put it across so rudely. Prof Wu is one who is too nice and forever giving positive comments to everyone.

Finals summarised in 3 words: Most chill module I took this semester in terms of workload. I was really slow when it comes to doing and understanding tutorials, so shout out to those who helped me immensely and entertained my never-ending questions.

Given my level of class participation, you could say that my grade was pretty disappointing, guessing that I really screwed up my presentations. Like I said before, the grade-less semester is to let you get a feel of where you stand among the cohort and see how well you can manage studies and everything else.

Ironically, I did the worst in the module where I liked my group mates the most, so sad right. The professor who took our group for sectionals was Prof Ravi, who wrote the textbook for the module. Although like I said the module was a burden, Ms Sri really made it much more bearable.

We only met up once in school, and Skyped over the rest of the project as meeting up again was going to be hard since the guys are Easties while the girls are Westies. This worry made me super meticulous in my calculations, since I was forever careless when I was doing my practice papers.

Our teacher for the module was Ms Sri, and she really was very chill and relaxed.

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In the end I went for this similar Math module which I got for only 1 point. Okay thanks for making me look bad and making yourself seem so intellectual. I believe many have read module reviews on the net before so this is my version of it, hopefully it would be of use for any wandering freshies who are going to enrol into the same course.

So if you like to do presentations, this is your mod. If we base our grade on her comments, everyone is going to get As LOL. Talking about the bell curve, be mentally prepared to be competing against PRCs, seriously this module is like Chinatown.

It turned out many people died so after seeing my result, I think I was saved by the bell curve. To put it in a blunt way, those 3 were burdens and were not of much help in the group project.

It is 3 hours long and you have to wear minimum office wear some actually wore blazers, like why. Still and forever a nervous wreck when it comes to presentations, really thankful for J for helping me out a lot.

I get my class part for asking a question, you look good for answering the question well. I was never a fan of modules which had such a high weightage on class participation, Although the content was slightly interesting, I never looked forward to any sectionals as it was right smack first lesson of the week: To safely pass this mod, just attend 4 out of 6 weeks of the sessions.

Some want first class, some want second upper, some just want to graduate. I always see it as a win-win situation: I was still asking her whether I should rephrase the question a little because it was a question which was very easily shot back. Moral of the story which includes all modulespractice makes perfect.

The finals was something similar to the QET, and given that during the whole semester we were covering globalization, most of us thought that globalization would come out. The whole module is so fluff that you can crap any question out.

Finals was easier than expected, although there was questions which were completely undoable LOL. Finals were straightforward as well, it was open book and there was 2 open ended questions 50 marks each. Not enough time T.

It was the least number possible, considering that some group had 7 members. It lasts for half a semester and has 0 credits. What is your final aim. It was never my intention to kill people, unlike some who ask really hard or irrelevant questions and stump their fellow classmates.

HAHA but whatever everything is a learning process. Omg craziest shit ever but I was pretty satisfied with our end product.

Somehow, I must say that our group is pretty efficient when it comes to work, we met up very few times as compared to the other groups. past-papers-and-suggested-answers. Past Papers. Past Papers July Exam - English July - (AA11) FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING BASICS Past Papers January Exam - English.

Foundation Level January - 50 Basic Accounting January - 52 Economics. Cambridge Nationals R Mock for January This is an adaptation of an exam found on here, I hope that the original author doesn't mind.

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We just tailored it for our students weaknesses. View Test Prep - ACC Aug Mock Test 1 Answers from ACCOUNTING at National University of Singapore.

liabilities; if subtotal for total current liabilities of $, not written but only. Jan 14,  · PTE Listening Practice series 2 test 1| Full Section Mock test | with answers Published on Jan 14, Answers: PTE Listening Practice series 2 test 2| Full Section Mock test.

Feb 02,  · Rajasthan PHED Mock Test Jan Exam Result. Are you looking forward to check your exam results of PHED, Rajasthan ? The candidates should visit the official site of Public Health Engineering Department to check the MOCK test results. Semester 2: AY / Mock Test Paper 1 ACC More space to write your answers to Question 1.

Documents Similar To ACC Jan Mock Test 1. Accounting Cycle Project-ROMAN. Uploaded by. Abid Hasan Roman.

Acc1002 jan 2015 mock test answers
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