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The solution may alternatively be, for example, a combination of a liquid molecular precursor and particles. When using the nozzle, the orifice-to-target distance may be several millimeters or more, enabling direct write onto non-planar surfaces.

It is often classified as a rapid manufacturing method. Optomec Aerosol Jet Machine The Aerosol Jet system is equipped with two pneumatic atomizers for multi-material non-contact printing.

The apparatus of claim 4 wherein the target is at least several millimeters from said extended nozzle. The apparatus of claim 1 wherein said extended nozzle comprises a length between approximately 0. Thus, the size of the orifice diameter used in the deposition process is determined by the desired range of deposited linewidths.

After removing the remaining photoresist from the circuit pattern, holes were drilled into the board and plated for mounting electrical components such as resisters, capacitors, integrated circuits. Thick film and thin film processes for deposition of electronic structures are well-developed, but have limitations due to high processing temperatures or the need for expensive masks and vacuum chambers.

The apparatus of claim 1 wherein a linewidth of deposited material comprises a size between approximately one-twentieth and approximately one diameter of an exit orifice of said extended nozzle. For precursor-based materials, thermal treatment is preferably used to raise the temperature of the deposit to its decomposition or curing temperature.

A typical line thickness is microns. Patent Application Publication No. Particles larger than the cut-point enter the collection probe and are directed into devices downstream of the impactor. The apparatus of claim 1 wherein said extended nozzle comprises a variable exit orifice diameter.

The drawings are only for the purpose of illustrating a preferred embodiment of the invention and are not to be construed as limiting the invention.

The process and apparatus are more fully described in U. The exhaust may optionally be filtered to avoid damaging flow control devices or to collect particles for reuse. About Optomec Optomec is a privately-held, rapidly growing supplier of Additive Manufacturing systems.

The Aerosol Jet deposition process was used to completely print all four layers of the Thin Film Transistor including materials with a wide spectrum of viscosities, making it an ideal solution for this type of multi-layer device. YAG laser with no damage to the target.

For more information on the conference, click here. The sheath preferably forms a boundary layer that prevents the aerosol particles from depositing onto the orifice wall. Ink jetted conductive polymers have resistivities that are approximately six orders of magnitude higher than bulk metals.

A further object of the extended nozzle of the present invention is to provide enhanced deposition characteristics, including but not limited to improved collimation of the jetted aerosol stream, improved focusing and reduced turbulence of the stream, and minimized particle overspray.

Thus, the high resistivity of ink jetted conductive polymers places limitations on microelectronic applications. See selective laser sintering and Direct Metal Laser Sintering for more information on methods and applications. Two specific examples of material deposition are as follows.

All of these processes serve the electronics industry well, but have limitations.

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The use of detachable nozzles for material deposition in microelectronic and fluid dispensing applications has been reported. The efficiency of virtual impactor 28 is determined by the amount of aerosol that remains in the minor flow, or by the amount of aerosol that is physically impacted onto the collection probe.

Other objects, advantages and novel features, and further scope of applicability of the present invention will be set forth in part in the detailed description to follow, taken in conjunction with the accompanying drawings, and in part will become apparent to those skilled in the art upon examination of the following, or may be learned by practice of the invention.

The use of multiple virtual impaction stages allows for increased densification of the aerosol stream as the flow passes through each stage.

The linewidth of deposited material preferably comprises a size between approximately one-twentieth and approximately one diameter of an exit orifice of the nozzle.

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A detachable nozzle also facilitates replacement of broken nozzles, without realignment. Field of the Invention Technical Field The present invention relates generally to the field of direct write deposition. Extended nozzle 10, which comprises exit orifice 36, is preferably attached to lower chamber 12, preferably via pneumatic fittings and tightening nut The extended nozzle of the present invention is preferably detachable, which serves a number of purposes.

The apparatus of claim 1 wherein said extended nozzle comprises an exit orifice diameter between approximately 50 microns and approximately microns. The sheath gas also serves to insulate the nozzle from material contact preventing clogging.

The Aerosol Jet Difference There are many conventional and emerging methods available for manufacturing electronics. The apparatus uses ultrasonic atomization and a pressurized chamber ending in an orifice, to form a jet of aerosolized ink entrained in a carrier gas.

Single Pass Jetting* SPJ Desktop Metal Production System Laser Metal Deposition LMD TRUMPF Inc TruLaser Cell Laser Engineered Net Shaping* LENS Optomec Aerosol Jet Series. Optomec Whitepapers. Aerosol Jet® Direct Write Printing for MIL-AERO Electronic Applications; Go to the Optomec page.

Search Our Website. Search for: Stay Connected! Name * Email * Email. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. Technology Education Concepts. direct-write methods such as ink jet and aerosol jet deposition techniques (AJDT).3 These methods have the advantages of precise control over microstructure, patterning, and layer thickness.

Direct Write Approaches for Metallization 2nd Workshop on Metallization of Crystalline Silicon Solar Cells, Credit: Optomec Gas in Dense aerosol.

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Aerosol-Jet Printed Lines Ink-Jet Printed Lines Local N 2 environment Optomec. Optomec Aerosol Jet Series System 3D printing technology The Optomec Aerosol Jet Series System uses Aerosol Jet 3D printing technology to build parts with electronic, structural and biological patterns onto almost any substrate.

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Aerosol Jet is a digitally driven process enabling engineering changes to be quickly implemented by simply modifying the CAD or CAM derived design ;les. TECHNICAL SERVICE The Optomec Center of Excellence (COE) program is aimed at accelerating the advancement and expansion of additive manufacturing solutions into commercial markets by leveraging.

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Optomec Fully Prints Ultrahigh Frequency Carbon Nanotube Transistors using Aerosol Jet System